3 Jan 2013

Cheap Sydney Flights from London – it’s Party Time!

This vibrant harbor city with its impressive nightlife is one of the world’s best places to party

Get airfares from London Heathrow to Sydney Australia, since only 2 weeks are left for the New Year to come. Where else can the celebrations be better than in Sydney? Lights and fireworks shooting up to the sky from the Harbor Bridge is an iconic image of New Year. If you haven’t experienced it yet, then this is the time to gather in the city for the spectacle! So hurry up and get your tickets booked by Crystal Travel!

Sydney- Exuberant in All Seasons

Sydney flights sale offer you affordable options of flying down to the city. It is not just during New Year and Christmas that city gets in the mood of partying. The lively atmosphere prevails throughout the year. You will realize that once you have the places as listed below:

·         Double Bay is apt for all fashion lovers in the world. With several boutiques showcasing exclusive fashion of Australia and antique shops, the place is a highly frequented tourist spot. The art shops here are reliable enough to sell genuine antiques. Restaurants at Cosmopolitan Hotel are great for hanging out.

·         Low budget Sydney airlines from London, take you on an off to this cheerful Harbor city.
·         Swimming at the Coogee Beach can be greatly enjoyed with food and entertainment. The long paved esplanade is lined up with cafes, restaurants and two famous hotels.

·         View the sea and its changing colors from your room in Bay Hotel or Holiday Inn.
·         Manly is not just famous for its beaches but it also makes provision for your night outs. Other than windsurfing, you can also have fun in the discos and pubs out here.

·         Book Direct Flights to Sydney Australia from Glasgow and get all your wishes fulfilled.
·         Enjoy a leisurely walk in the Hyde Park, starting from Queens Square to Liverpool. Anzac Memorial and Archibald Foundation are the two major attractions in your way.

      Visit the Chinese culture in Australia with Sydney flights sale. The southern edge of the city houses restaurants, supermarkets, shops of Chinese tradition, especially Cantonese.
·         Climb up AMP Tower for sweeping views of the city and the Harbor. The gold circular structure atop the steel tower also has a revolving restaurant. So, enjoy your lunch or dinner high above the city, in the sky.
·         Star City is a place of wonder with restaurants, bars, huge theatre and cabaret. The highlight of the place is a legal casino with 160 gaming tables. If not gamble you may watch others!
·         Take the “Writer’s Walk” as you move towards Opera House. The walk way has scraps of writings from various celebrated authors. So read your step as you move.
·         The fish markets here offer a variety of fresh sea food. The best part is that the shops’ staff are friendly in their attitude towards tourists. 


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