22 Nov 2012

Vacations at Capital of Indonesia with Low Budget cheap flights to Jakarta

Jakarta is a mesmerizing place and the capital and the largest city of Indonesia. This city has always been magnetizing backpackers from rest of the world by its dynamic lifestyle, ravishing culture and superb nightlife. Being on the shores of Java Sea, this city is blessed with many attractive scenic sites. This place is the house of Soekarno Hatta International Airport which is the most effective portal for voyagers arrive from rest of the world.

Unlike many other tourist destinations, Jakarta provides a great frequent local transportation facility with many cost effective modes such as buses, trains, bajaj, taxis and ojeks. Take cheapest flights to Jakarta from London and one can easily rent a car to commute with privacy and comfort. The best time to visit Jakarta from the month of December to June when many attractive festivals take place also weather remains cool and dry.

With Air Tickets to Jakarta flights, one will get an opportunity to visit some of the amazing tourist spots and landmarks in the city like The Museum Bank Indonesia which was the first bank in Indonesia and now is a museum and showcases the work procedure and banking history of Indonesia. One may also visit to the National Museum which is the oldest museum in the country and one of the best museums in the whole world.

Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

Book Last Minute Flights and one can visit to some exotic locations that will appear like a dream world. One can visit to Thousand Islands that are scattered all over at Jakarta Bay. Here one will find so many beautiful beaches where one can lie down all day admiring the marvels and beauty of nature. These islands are quite famous for diving, swimming and surfing. This might be a place where everyone has something of its own interest.

One may also visit to Ancol Dream Park which an adventurous amusement park and one of the favorite hotspot for the voyagers from rest of the world. This place will work as a stress buster and drain out all the worries and jetlags. Here one can enjoy all different thrilling and adventurous rides and have a lot of fun with family and friends. This is an amazing place and worth a visit http://cheapwaystotravels.blogspot.in/.

There are tons of other beautiful and informative where one can enjoy the vacations and have all the fun like Kidzania, Immanuel Church, Waterborn, Sea World, Puppet Museum, Jakarta Old Town, President Palace, Raguna Zoo and many other to take the level of thrill and enjoyment on the next amazing level.

Shopping might be something that can swing the mood and give a nice impact to the vacations as being the capital of Indonesia this city has many amazing markets and shops spread all over the city from where one can buy all kinds of products with or without brand. One can go to Plaza Indonesia, Pacific Place, Wholesale Trade Center, Central Jakarta and many other places to find some amazing stuff for family and friends.

Foodies will enjoy the most of the city as this place gives a huge range of International and traditional cuisines. Here one can find plenty of restaurants and stalls at every point of the city to grab some delicious bite with great flavors. One can go to Tebet, Bundaran, Jalan Teuku, Kebon Sirih, Kunir and many other areas in the city to have an amazing mouthwatering food with great service and hygiene.


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