11 Nov 2012

Vacation at the Small World of Mozambique with Low Budget Cheap Flights to Maputo

Maputo is a wonderful city and the capital of Mozambique and on the shores of Indian Ocean. The city is very close to the nature and here one can find the glimpse of African safari very easily. This city is the location of Maputo International Airport that is the most important International Airport of Mozambique and works as an efficient portal for voyagers visit Mozambique from rest of the world.

This small metropolitan is very easy to roam around with the help of local modes of transportation like chapas, taxis, metered taxis, Tuk-Tuk and two wheelers that are the most economical modes of transportation and quite frequent. With discounted flights to Maputo from Manchester, one can rent a car to travel hassle free. The best time to visit Maputo is from the month of October to February when many festivals take place.

Beach in Maputo

Take direct flights to Maputo from London to visit some amazing landmarks and tourist spots in Maputo like The Iron House which is a historical place and made of iron. This place was home of then governor in late 19th century. One can also visit to Museum of Revolution which is dedicated to the Mozambique war with Portugal This place has many artifacts and exhibition portraying the conditions and important incidence during war.

Best Place to visit in Maputo

With air tickets to Maputo South Africa, one can visit to the amazing Maputo Elephant Reserve where one can see the amazing creatures like crocodiles and elephant at their natural place. This place is nice to spend a picnic time with family and experience the glimpse of African safari while driving towards the center of this wildlife sanctuary on a SUV or 4X4 vehicle.

One can also visit to the exotic beaches close to the city as there are no beaches inside the city’s boundaries. One can visit to the Praia Da Macaneta which is at the neighborhood of the city is an amazing beach famous for fishing and swimming. One can take a ferry or cab to commute there and see the scenic view of an amazing site of Mozambique. This place has nice clean water with amazing yellow sand beach that has plenty of restaurants filled with delicious sea food.

Air Tickets to Maputo flights gives one an opportunity Some other place in and around the city are Xefina Pequena, Maputo Central Train Station, Inhaca Island, National History Museum, National Art Museum, Museum of History and Nature and much more that are very cool places as well as informative.

Shopping will be a nice place to change the mood from the safari tours as there are plenty of shops and stores at some parts of the city. One can go to the harbor to find some authentic shops that sell all the stuff needed with quality of product at a fair price.

Foodies will enjoy the place the most as this city is full of sea food restaurants and stalls. Although there is not much International cuisine restaurants in the city but one can buy some delicious bite at some local stalls selling different kind of cuisines.


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