28 Aug 2013

Top 5 Things to Do in the Pink City of India- Jaipur

We all know that Jaipur is also known as ‘Pink City’ Jaipur and is a bustling city with forts, museums and palaces which are worth seeing. Many do not know why is it known so? It was the time when Prince Albert paid a visit to this place in 1876 and the whole city was painted terracotta pink to welcome him and his queen. Therefore it was names so! It is true that travel is about adventure and experience not only about dusty artifacts and ancient architecture so book flights to Jaipur.

Another interesting thing about Jaipur is that it is built according to principles of Indian Vaastu Shastra which means that all streets and markets are set from East to West and from North to South directions. One day trip to Jaipur is never enough because there are so many things to visit here.

Here are some interesting things to explore in Rajasthan’s ‘Pink City’ so book cheap flights to Jaipur.

 Explore the City on Foot

 Before you do anything else in Jaipur, Grab a copy of Dharmendar Kanwar’s 10 Easy Walks in Jaipur. This is favorite for both locals and visitors alike which is known for its breathtaking beauty. If you plan to stay in Mahindra Homestay then your host will be able to furnish the directions and recommendations or might be you can also be offered a guide to the nearby neighborhood. Therefore book flight tickets to Jaipur to enjoy your trip.

 Try Authentic Sweets of Jaipur

Want to try something sweet then you can try mishri mawa which is made up of milk, cardamom and pischatio nuts which is a signature Rajasthani dish. To taste an authentic one enter one of the cult kachori joint Rawat Mistan Bhandar on Station Road to place your order. It was founded 135 years ago and this shop has also served the Royals and heads of the state.

 Visit the best Known Feature of Jaipur

Actually there isn’t much to see inside the Palace of Winds but this shouldn’t stop you from visiting Hawa Mahal and wonder at its towering pink sandstone fa├žade. The five tiers of window and balconies were built by an 18th century Maharaja so that ladies could observe the streets without been seen from outside. You should try to view it from a different perspective that is at night when the streets are illuminated while taking holidays in Jaipur.

 Look for Snake Charmers

The quintessential Indian image of turban-wearing snake charmers is under a threat today and is simply dying out due to stricter law enforcement. Jaipur is a place where you might still spot a practitioner of this ancient street entertainment act. He is like an Indian Romani who believes in carrying forward his father’s profession. Places to look for them are at MI Road and City Palace.

 Go for a Royal Ride

If you plan to visit the hill top fort then why not choose the best one in India? Glorious Amber fort sits over the calm Lake Maotha which is just five miles outside Jaipur. Climb on a fully ornamented elephant and ascend the hill like the Royals which is simply amazing on Jaipur trip.