15 Oct 2012

Explore Maputo - the little-known wonder

Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, is a perfect escape from the hustling modern lifestyle. With mesmerizing settings over the shores of Indian Ocean and across the clams of Santo River, this largest city of Mozambique and tempting hotspot in Africa can be reached easily through cheap airline tickets to Maputo Mozambique.

People boarding Best Cheap Flights to Maputo, Mozambique are welcomed by astonishing avenues with enticing untouched landscapes, and beautiful in-lined tress of Acacias. And, so how, everyone choosing cheapest flights to Maputo Mozambique can discover why the city is so famous as the “city of Acacias” and the “thundering pearl of Indian Ocean”.
This Mozambique harbor town is less crowded as compared to any other African capital, though, people are highly affable and co-operative here and tourists fly in utilizing plane tickets to Maputo Mozambique are remunerated with pleasing climate, unpretentious sites, an exciting aura and very friendly locals.

Top tourist destinations in Maputo

Embracing colorful architectures and alluring shrub, Maputo is a sensational gateway to country’s phenomenal ocean fronts and also gifted with a plethora of unbeatable tourists places and attractive activities.

Mozambique National Art Museum and The Museum of the Revolution are good options to start your sightseeing here. These well-known buildings have been preserved the authentic essence of country's true art, colorful cultures history and country’s independence marks and just do not miss to watch the tremendous collection of Malangatana canvas paintings here.
Numerous symbols of country's war of Independent and several colonial architectures like Praca dos Trabalhadores can be seen in all corners of the city. The Jardim Tunduru, city's botanical garden is a worth visiting for people seeking a calm and tranquilizing holiday.

Maputo calling – Great food, Great Fun

Since years, arrival of tourists from worldwide honored this African pearl as a true melting pot and city has developed a distinctive plate meeting all tastes, budgets and flavors. Stroll around downtown and you can find a big row of restaurants, cafes and pubs serving complete range of food at all budgets ranges.
Stop at one of the street hawker or stall and try some half baked cakes, cashews dishes and lip smashing ice-cream or make a visit to one of elite restaurants in central area and order for some traditional delicious African gourmet and seafood.

Maputo gets marvelous after dawn as city’s lively pubs and cafes are delivering a perfect nightlife complete with placate live music, electrifying drinks and non-stop parties.

City is also one of the most emerging shopping hubs of Africa. City is choked with massive up- market markets selling classical African fabrics, traditional art work, handicraft items to world renowned brand of clothing and accessories. Additionally, numerous sidewalk vendors are all set to sell you almost everything.  


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