9 Sep 2013

Best of Durban on a Budget Holiday Trip to Africa

Durban, the city overview: 

The most diverse city of Africa thriving on its growing economy and a rich historical account, Durban is foccusing big time on an enhanced tourism turnover.

The city of Durban stands out as being the place to be, with beautiful warm balmy days and A list of the best sporting and social events to add to your itinerary, an ideal “Holiday Escape Destination”!

Let’s check out the best way to experience Durban on a Budget.         

Top 5 Must Do Things in Durban

Explore the Indian Market in Durban

Stroll down to the district around Dr Yusuf Dadoo and Bertha Mkhize Streets to immerse your senses in the town’s Indian heritage and history. Find the best of Indian traditional kurtas and saris, ornately embroided fabrics and aromatic spices at the Zulu Muti Market and the Victoria Street Market, where you’ll find all this at amazingly affordable price after CheapTravel Deals to Durban.

An Expedition to the Bottom of uShaka Sea World

One of the largest aquarium in the world-uShaka Sea Wold, is the centerpiece of the 40-acre uShaka Marine World. The place offers great fun and leisure for every visitor as it comprises the Wet and Wild Water Park and the Village Walk Shopping Center which draw immense crowd to Durban throughout the year. Sign up for the Ocean Walker tour to get a tethered breathing helmet, and walk slowly across the bottom of the Open Ocean Exhibit, that houses rays and assorted pelagic fish including tuna, dorado and sardines. For more thrill, enroll for the Shark Dive Experience and step into a clear, enclosed cylinder to drop into the large shark tank.

Biking at the Golden Mile

Extending to four miles from the Blue Lagoon south to Addington Beach and Durban Harbor, the Mile is much admired for its golden sand beaches along the coastal edge of the city’s central business hub. You’ll find ample space with brick-paved promenades to jog or bike the route, on the piers watching surfers, kite boarders and sand castle architects to soak in the warm Indian Ocean breeze. Book Cheap Direct flights to Durban from London are a best way to unearth this spectacular city.

Master the “Durban System” at KwaMuhle Museum

KwaMuhle Museum shares the history of Durban and is situated on the former headquarters of the city’s Native Affairs Department. The museum handles the subjects ranging from the black migration and apartheid to ongoing “green street” efforts in the Cato Manor Township. The exhibits including photographs, government documents, videos, and personal testimonials show the framework of the Durban System for the national apartheid policy. This is truly a magnificent place that celebrates the courage of the “ordinary” South Africans who challenged racist poilicies and won.

Rove amid the Living Fossils @ the Botanical Gardens

Africa’s oldest existing botanical gardens houses one of the world’s best collection of “living fossil” plants. Find the pre-dinosaur cycads (seed producing plants) that got extincted 250 million years ago. A walk through the Garden’s cycad forest will transport you to the sets of Jurrasic Park, unfortunately with no dinosaurs around.

But, the pink-backed pelicans sitting on the trees look as eery as pterodactyls.


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  3. I'm missing something here: How is Church Square in Pretoria part of Durban? These cities are over 600km apart, yet the article is about 'best of Durban'...

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