17 Dec 2012

Christmas at Wonderful Capital of Mozambique with Maputo

Mozambique is a fascinating country with tons of attractive cities that are famous for their vibrant lifestyle and diverse range of culture. This country is hot favorite for voyagers visiting South Africa from rest of the globe. Here one can have a nice time with family and friends on holidays and if the occasion is Christmas then what will be better place then capital to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.

Maputo is one of the most amazing cities and the cultural center of Mozambique and lush with tons of attractions and activities. This metropolitan is the home of Maputo International Airport which is the primary portal for backpackers visiting Maputo and neighbor cities from rest of the globe.

Being one of the most important cities and the capital of country, this city has developed a very effective and fluent transportation system with buses, Tuk-Tuk, chapa, taxis and cycles in the service of locals and tourists that are the cheapest modes of transportation in the city and has the reach to every place there. One can also rent a car from the airport itself to commute the hotspots and hotel with privacy, comfort and without any hassle.

With low cost flights to Maputo from London, one can visit to the most adventurous parts of the city where one can interact with the nature directly. One can go to the Maputo Elephant Reserve which is one of the most adventurous places in the city where one can witness the most amazing creatures found in Africa especially elephants, crocodiles and many other wild creatures. This park is also a great place to go on a picnic with family and friends and go camping close to Lake Mundi.

Top Attractions in Maputo
Take Cheap Flights to Maputo and one can visit to some iconic landmarks and tourist attractions in the city like Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição which is one of the most famous landmarks and the historical sites in the city. This place is a fortress ruin of Portuguese empire from 1685. Here one can find canyons historical sculptures and old statues from history. This place is a great place for photography and to understand the history and struggle for freedom made by Maputo’s people.

One may also visit to the most vibrant part of the city which is the exotic beaches. Being on the shores of Indian Ocean, this city is lush with many attractive beaches that have been a center of attraction for locals and tourists from a very long time. One can go to the Inhaca Island which is the most famous beach in the city and has tons of beautiful views and activities to participate. Here one can go for swimming, sailing, surfing and fishing under the surveillance of professional lifeguards.

On certain occasions like festivals and special days, Inhaca and many other beaches transforms in to a giant disc where people can enjoy the most amazing night ever. On Christmas, one can enjoy the same enthusiasm and fun with family and friends while enjoying tasty cuisines, chilled beverages and lots of club music.


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  2. On some special occasions like Christmas and New Year, these restaurants organise a big beach party and anyone can join it to enjoy the festivals in Maputo style with hip hoping music and tons of peoples just enjoying the moment with drinks in hand and forgetting all the stress of back home.

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