25 Dec 2012

Why Jakarta is Considered as the Best Place in Indonesia to Enjoy Christmas Holidays?

Many Far East countries are considered as the most amazing places for long term vacations and these are has the most beautiful destinations to enjoy vacations with family and friends. Among them all, Indonesia is known for great sites and cities that are boasted with many amazing activities and facilities. And from those cities, Jakarta is the best choice to enjoy Christmas because of its many special features and characteristics.

Jakarta is the home of Soekarno Hatta International Airport which is the primary portal for the voyagers visiting Jakarta and many other neighbor cities from rest of the globe. Being one of the most famous cities in Indonesia, this city has developed a great transportation system with trains, buses, taxis, bajaj and ojeks on the service of locals and tourists. With Cheap Flights Tickets for Jakarta, one can rent a car from airport itself to commute all the way to the hotels in the city or start the amazing journey of Jakarta by heading off to the sightseeing.

With Cheap Flights to Jakarta, one can jump off to the most adventurous and thrilling sites of the city like Waterborn which is the most famous water park of the city. This place is very well known for its amazing rides and adventurous slides. Here one can have uncountable fun with tons of rides and activities available for every age group. There are also bunch of warm pools where one can enjoy a nice time with family and friends and feel all the stress draining out of the body.

Top Attractions in Jakarta

With Discounted Flights to Jakarta, one can visit some iconic landmarks and tourist attractions in the city that can take this journey to the next level. One can go to the National Museum which is the most visited site of the city. This place showcases many exhibitions from earlier modern civilization of Indonesia. This place is a great place to understand and learn a lot about the development of Indonesia. This place will be the best place for children to provide a lot of information with the direct proofs and artifacts exhibited in the museum.

What will be the best place to admire the beauty of nature along with some adventurous sports? The answer is beaches and Jakarta is renowned for exotic beaches and activities performed here. There are tons of beaches and among them all, Thousand Islands is the best place to enjoy the fullest. These islands are the best place to have an adventurous time with family and friends with loads of safety as here one can have a nice time diving, surfing, sailing and swimming under the surveillance of professional and sharp instructors.

These island and many other beaches transforms in to a giant party venue on certain occasions like Christmas and New Year as many resort and restaurants owners organize a giant party here to give locals and tourists a platform to enjoy the most memorable day of the year. People from other cities also visit here to join this amazing celebration and if one is lucky then they also might get a chance to be a part of this huge celebration and enjoy the maximum with music, dance, cool beverages and tasty cuisines.