4 Sep 2013

Top 4 Lahore Attractions to Explore

It is true that travelers around the globe fly to Lahore in an anticipation to have a great holiday experience. Lahore is wonderful city because you will never find a dull moment as you can go for sightseeing, shopping and do an array of things when you are out on road. Take a walk at any of the free streets for which the city is famous to enjoy a royal breakfast. Then, explore the historical monuments and architectural buildings to spend your time peacefully in any of the green parks around so book cheapest tickets to Lahore from London.

Read further to know some of the greatest things to do in Lahore to have a fabulous vacation:

Lahore Fort

It is the most notable landmarks in the city of Lahore Fort located within the walled city. The fort is known for its own history as it was damaged, built, demolished, rebuilt and restored several times. It is still a mystery who built this fort because it was the Emperor Akbar who gave it its present form in 1566. It was owned and modified by different rulers and now the fort welcomes visitors with attractions like Sheesh Mahal, Moti Masjid and Alamgiri Gate. To, enjoy a trip to these historical city book cheap tickets to Lahore from London, UK.

Explore the Walled City

Walled City is the cultural hub of Lahore and the area where Lahore Fort is also located. It is also the oldest part of the city and has myriads of famous shopping arcades. Bilal Gunj is the largest market in Asia that deals in spare parts and automobiles. On the other hand Shah Alam Market is the largest wholesale market in Pakistan. Other markets to explore in the Walled City are Suha Bazar, Azam Market and Akbari Market. Not only shopping you can enjoy the sights of vintage buildings that symbolize the rich history of the country like Shahi Hamam, Masjid Wazir Khan and Delhi Darwaza. To witness the bygone era book last minute flight deals.

Savor on Authentic Lahore Food

Your journey is simply incomplete without this and a must-do activity. Lahore is a city where people are in love with their cuisine. Despite the prosperity of many modern restaurants and eating joints, the popularity of local food items has never faded. Gowal Mandi is the most famous food street that attracts residents living far and wide due to large number of delicacies like Naam Channay, Halwa Poori, Bong Paaye, Lassi and Harisa. Most of the food served in Lahore has liberal use of oil and spices. People on special diet should restrain from tasting the cuisine of Lahore.

Marvel the Mughal Architecture

Lahore is also a home to various architectural wonders that are created by different Mughal Emperors. The best of all these is the Badshahi Mosque which is sure to make bewitched due to its huge gateways, marble domes, tapering minarets and a huge courtyard.  Jehangir’s Tomb is another example of beautiful marble works and trellis decorations. It was built by Shah Jahan who was a great patron of art and architecture; he has been credited by the number of architectural wonders that are found in India as well as Pakistan. You can fly to Lahore and also see Shalimar Gardens, Prince Kamran Baradari Park, Mosque of Wazir Khan, Prince Kamran Baradari Park and other specimen of Mughal architecture.


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