21 Oct 2012

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The Harbor City or Sydney is the most cosmopolitan, largest and oldest city in Australia. This city has Kingsford Smith International Airport that is the gateway for Australia. Sydney is worldwide known for its history, nature, cuisine, fashion, culture, arts and ocean coastline for surfing on beaches. All this fun is easily achievable for anyone by flights to Sydney, Australia from Manchester. With long beaches one can have a superb outing with friends and loved ones.

Sydney has a calm climate with warm summers and mild winters. Rainfall can easily be experienced throughout the year. For smooth commuting, Sydney has a vast rail network that has a variety of services. One can also commute from different modes of traveling like bus, Ferries, Light Rails, monorails, Taxis or hired cars.

By getting a Low Budget Cheapest Flight to Sydney from London, one can enjoy a visit to the famous Sydney Opera House, a good example of modern architecture that is a renowned place for stage performances and concerts. Also, one can visit to Sydney Harbor Bridge that is very close to the Sydney Opera House. This bridge is a steel bridge serves to connect pedestrians, rails, vehicles and bicycles from Sydney central to business district.

Tourist Attractions in Sydney, Australia

The long spread beaches are on the top of the to-see list of visitors where one can get wet in the shining, partying and bouncy atmosphere. Long sandy beaches where one can have a quality time by different activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathe and partying all the time. In Sydney there are beaches like Bondai, Cooge, Manly, Cronulla and Wattamolla where one can have all the fun.

Also, Darling Harbor one of the favorite tourist spots in Sydney. This place is full of worth visiting locations. There is Australian National Maritime Museum that showcases the outline of Maritime role in Australian history. Along with that the Sydney Aquarium is a nice place to visit where one can see the massive aquarium and also some various display tanks that gives one opportunity to witness the life of sharks, penguins, seals and various species of fishes in their habitat. There are also a number of places to spend a whole day like Sydney wildlife World, Chinese Garden, IMAX and Harbor Cruises and many more.

Shoppers can have a splendid time in Sydney as it has a diverse range of shops and malls. Darling Harbor is also a nice place for shoppers. At Harbourside one can find many shops that sales souvenir, Fashion stuff, Art and Craft and much more. Although the city itself has many big malls and stores where one can find any thing needed from clothes to artifacts.
heron island beachSydney has a nice range of cuisine. It also has a great traditional mouthwatering delicious food like Tim Tams, Jaffas, Chiko Rolls, Weet-Bix and much more. Being a modern city, Sydney also has diverse range of international food like Asian, Chinese, Thai and all the cuisine of around the world can be easily found in Newtown and Suburbs of Bonadi. Chinese garden will be a smart choice for Chinese food lovers.


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